Skales:The EME Soldier Shadowed By The Success Of Label Mates?

Having made impressive displays in songs like LIKE PAMI remix by mudina ,jo funmi by big deal,labalaba by samklef and most recently EGUONO by Kefee, this EME soldier could as well be described as an experienced figure in the industry.All these coupled with been managed by one of the best record labels in Nigeria,one has to doubt that SKALES is yet to make his big break in the industry.Maybe we could describe the situation as unfortunate or maybe not yet God’s right time for him.He has also pulled impressive tracks for himself like MUST SHINE and HEADING FOR A GRAMMY(REALLY IS HE??) but is still yet a background ringleader in the scene.Many are saying that he has been overshadowed by the successes of label mates;Banky w and Wizkid but some refuse to confide in that school of thought including himself.Maybe we are been too pressurizing on the young artiste and have to give him more time or maybe he is specially created for the underground scenes. Anyways, lets all watch out for this talented but yet yet to blow EME corporal :

One response to “Skales:The EME Soldier Shadowed By The Success Of Label Mates?

  1. I think we all have our time to shine. Remember how it looked like Wande Coal will never get his time to shine and we all felt he will only be relegated to the background, but look @ what happened when he was given his time to shine. Just like what happened to Wande, I think they are grooming him and maybe he is still learning the ropes.

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